Tyre protection chain

Engineering tire

   Tire mine is mining and other heavy-duty vehicles in bad road operations used tires.

Mine tire load capacity, low speed level, not at high speed, the block generally larger, anti-puncture.

At present, more practical mining tires are mostly domestic brands such as triangular mountain and so on.

   Our UBO company is specialize in tire protection chain are mainly engaged in export trade for many years. Due to the work environment a little evil cause rapid tire wear and tire expensive and high cost, Tire protection chain tightly wrapped on the tire can effectively protect the tires punctured by sharp stones scratch, it is will be contacted with the rough road, According to the conditions of use life up to 3000-8000 hour. Using a tire protection chain can save more than ten tire costs, but also improve the efficiency and safety of the loader. Tire protection chain materials can be made of High quality alloy steel.


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