Tyre protection chain

How to save money use tire protection chain

Earthmovers working in harsh conditions in mines, quarries and other heavy industries constantly face damages to tyres, due to punctures and sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Plant owners know the importance of investing in top quality Tyre Protection Chains to reserve and maintain their valuable assets.

UBO’s tyre protection chains use case hardened alloy chains linked in patented designs to provide a high level of tyre protection and traction qualities. The chains are typically used across fire and hot slag conditions, which can be very dangerous and lead to loss of equipment through burnt tyres.

UBO’s Tyre Protection Chains are well known in the industry for their quality and reputation, by extending a tyres life by a factor of ten. They help reduce operating costs; decrease downtime and most importantly increase overall productivity.

Reduce operating costs, decrease downtime & increase productivity with UBO Tyre Protection Chains.

Tire chains various size:26.5-25,29.5-25,29.5-29,45/65-45,35/65-33,35/65-45,23.5-25,20.5-25,17.5-25…
Tire chains various type: Casting, Casting reinforced, Casting Encryption; Forged, Forged reinforced, Forged Encryption
Tire chains material of ring:20CrMnTi,Material of Link:40Cr Alloy Steel
Tire chains technical Process: Casting &Forged

The following drawing is all typre all my tire protection chain design,and 4x4 type called tire protection chain,steel mesh,wheel chains,tire chains,loader chains,wheel loader chains(different country different name)
6x6 type called snow chains,tractor chains,snow tire chains
8x8 type called tractor chains,snow chains,snow tire chains
10x10 type called snow chains,snow tire chains

Just tell me your working condition and your tire size,we can give you more details and more professional recommendation.


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