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Protect the tires using swap method

   For tires, most owners do believe, as long as you don't tire, and there is no serious scratches, tires normal traffic is no problem. But this is a misunderstanding, tires is the foot of car, like your feet hurt, regardless of wound size, always affects the forward speed. So, how do we tire maintenance? Don't worry, today, weeks brother teach you a few tricks the eye.

   Many owners believe that tyres need maintenance in the summer, while in winter you do not need too much maintenance, in essence they are mistakes. General tire life of 10.15 million kilometers per vehicle, and the tires are made of rubber, thus there is a natural aging. Typically, 3-5 and different degrees of aging and cracking will occur, and so on.

   General cars are front-wheel-drive form, therefore, in the process of moving, loss will be larger than the rear tire of the front tires. But owners note that the front tire wear, to replace a flat tire, safety concerns the effective elimination, but it is not worthwhile, fetal losses after General Motors wants to smaller, so swap the front and rear tires, we can come back for a while. And the best way is, every 10,000 km, switch again.

    Of course, if the car's spare tire size is the same as, or using the reverse method, but it is worth noting is that after every swap tires, should be carried out to the appropriate repair shop a four wheel alignment test adjusted so as not driving at high speed, vibration phenomena appeared, so owners can enjoy the comfortable throughout the process. But it is worth noting is that if the extent of tire wear is too large, when less than 3 mm of tread on the tires, you should change a tire in a timely manner, to ensure the security of the entire travel process.

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