Tyre protection chain

Why use tire protection chain

Equipment downtime and loss of productivity are the result of sudden tyre failure.
In order to avoid tyre failure, we need to equip the tire ptotection chain to:

* Reducing your operating costs
* Lowering your downtime
* Increasing your productivity

We manufacture and supply all parts and accessories for tyre protection chains.
Our tyre protection chains can adapt to a variety of models, such as domesticmodels of ZL30, ZL40,

ZL50, ZL60 and ZL80 and overseas models of CAT966,CAT980, CAT988, CAT992, KLD85, KLD95

Forged&Casting 4x4(square)
The fine mesh of square design provides optimum tire protection even on the sharpest rock.
The hexagonal mesh design ensures excellent grip and sufficient tire protection.
Suitable for all vehicles where traction is needed before
Forged &Casting 8x8(quad cross)
Special 8-link net construction. Traction chains for tough applications.
Forged&Casting 10x10(compact cross)
Special 10-link net construction provides all vehicles that require

Just tell me which type steel mesh design you need and the tyre size ,then i will give you more details and the professional help.

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