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CAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chain

CAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chain

  • Category:Tyre protection chain
  • Material:Alloy steel
  • Properties:forged or casting
  • Application:Mining,Quarry,Limestone and so on
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CAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chainCAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chainCAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chain
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Detailed description of the CAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chain:

Forged&Casting 4x4(square)
The fine mesh of square design provides optimum tire protection even on the sharpest rock.
The hexagonal mesh design ensures excellent grip and sufficient tire protection.
Suitable for all vehicles where traction is needed before
Forged &Casting 8x8(quad cross)
Special 8-link net construction. Traction chains for tough applications.
Forged&Casting 10x10(compact cross)
Special 10-link net construction provides all vehicles that require

Just tell me which type steel mesh design you need and the tyre size ,then i will give you more details and the professional help.

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Advantages of CAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chain:

1.Reducing your operating costs
2.Lowering your downtime
3.Increasing your productivity
4.We have many size tyre protection chain, and we also can produce any size you need.
5.Up to 8 time longer tire life
6.We have some quick-fitting ,so the chain can be shortened or lengthened to be ensure that our chain can be fitted different PR tyre quickly and safely.
7.Factory competitive price and high quality use special steel to produce the wear-resistance tyre protection chain
8.Professional pre and after sales service
9.Excellent technique
10.Casting and Forged process

CAT992G 45/65R45 OTR tire protection chain Working conditions:

Hot slag
Marble and granite quarry
Scrap handing
Glass and tile work conditions
Underground construction
Opencast mines
And so on

In open pit or underground mines,sharp-edged stones and abrasive surfaces can destroy tyres within a very short period of time.

Diamonds in a freezing Artic lake ,cooper and gold high in the South American Andes,iron ore in the Australian desert,coal seams deep underground and complex depositsbare just some of the challenges confronting companies engaged in winning the materials-common and rare-essential to today’s living.
In open-pit,where wheeled machines are used for stripping,loading,hauling and stockpiling,ultimately,the operation’s profitability will depend upon the tyres without which the machine becomes just an immobile complex arrangement of metal components.
Operating in artificially lit galleries,underground mining,tunnelling and caving are among the most demanding and hazardous of activities.Here,tyre protection chains not only save tyres but also provide operator safety.
For mobile,surface operations,miners can select from wide range of our chains to ensure the right tyre protetcion and traction safety for their site.

In quarries,abrasive surfaces and sharp edged stones are a great hazard for tyres

Quartz,silica,dolomite,basalt,granite are just some of the causes of excessive tyre wear.Flint,slate and shale-like rocks,or demolition debris can cause punctures and deep sidewall cuts
If yours is a small operation,this could put your entire production on costly standby.
In these instances,in the cause of operation efficiency,a tyre protection chain,such as ring-link system,is required to create a barrier between your tyres and the ground.
The density of the mesh will depend on the exact nature of the work site but it should be self-cleaning and the links specially hardened to resist wear at the points where they interact with the connecting rings.
We can supply the ideal tyre protection chain for all tyres of machine and applications.

Working with smouldering hot slag can scorch tyres,can lead to lost equipment and risks human life.

Steelmaking is one of the toughest environments for men and machines.Pot carries are used to carry 40 cu m ladles of molten slag to the dumpling pit where wheeled loaders transfer the still fiery slag to the recycling point which recovers residual steel for re-smelting and limestone cinder for block-making.Whether liquid or cooling,slag is an unforgiving material subjecting tyres to heavy abrasion from the cinder.

Recycling scrap metal and demolished buildings places enourmous demeands on loader tyres

Anyone who has visited a demolition site,or a scrap metal re-processor will be acutely aware of the hidden hazards faced daily by the tyres of wheeled loaders.
In demolition,for versatility,a wheeled loader is used to feed the crusher hopper and load the tipper trucks.Every time the loader crowds into the demolition heap there is a risk that a tyre will be pierced by a concealed length of rebar.Similar damage can occur when loading flattened cars into the baler or lifting tangled pieces of scrap metal for smelting.
In each instance a burst tyre can bring production to a standstill while a replacement is found.To avoid unscheduled breaks,it is advisable to invest in a tyre protection chain ,which encases the vulnerable tread and sidewall of the tyre with a close impenetrable mesh.
With deadlines to meet,the loader operator can be assured that,having fitted tyre protection chain,any delay will not be due to this tyres.

Safe traction for your productivity


At some sites,where the terrain is slippery because of mud or where trucks have to contend with icy haul roads,poor traction can be a major problem.
Where the tyre tread,alone,cannot provide an adequate grip,we can design the 6x6,8x8,10x10 traction chains.
Available with link sizes from 13mm to 22mm,traction chains suitable for a wide range of 

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