Now we are selling Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25, welcome to order.-
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Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25

Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25

  • Category:Tyre protection chain
  • Material:Alloy steel
  • Properties:forged,casting
  • Application:Mining,Quarry,Limestone,iron slag,hot slag and so on
  • tag:tire chains,loader chains,23.5-25,
Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25
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Detailed description of the Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25:

A tire chains is a steel mesh of high quality, casting,drop forged, hardened, fine grain alloy steel. It protects the tread and sidewalls of the tyres and provides very good traction in the worst conditions.


Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25Wheel loader tire chains for 23.5-25

Tire chains various size:26.5-25,29.5-25,29.5-29,45/65-45,35/65-33,35/65-45,23.5-25,20.5-25,17.5-25…
Tire chains various type: Casting, Casting reinforced, Casting Encryption; Forged, Forged reinforced, Forged Encryption
Tire chains material of ring:20CrMnTi,Material of Link:40Cr Alloy Steel
Tire chains technical Process: Casting &Forged

Why to use a tire chains?

The OTR tyre mainly working at Hot Slag, Quarry, Mining, Marble and Granite Quarry, Tunneling, Scrap Handing, and other hostile working condition. Sharp, edged rock, muddy and slippery surfaces are a great hazard to tyres. The costs for their repair or replacement, added to the expense of equipment downtime, makes the OTR tyre protection chain is the necessity choose in many industrial. And the OTR tyre more expensive than the OTR tyre protection chain. The tyre protection chain can reducing your operating costs and lowering your downtime and increasing your productivity.

Advantages of using tire chains:



1.Reducing your operating costs
2.Lowering your downtime
3.Increasing your productivity
4.We have many size tyre protection chain, and we also can produce any size you need.
5.Up to 8 time longer tire life
6.We have some quick-fitting ,so the chain can be shortened or lengthened to be ensure that our chain can be fitted different PR tyre quickly and safely.
7.Factory competitive price and high quality use special steel to produce the wear-resistance tyre protection chain
8.Professional pre and after sales service
9.Excellent technique
10.Casting and Forged process

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