Tyre protection chain

Loader tire protection chain applications

 Loader tire protection chain solves tires, forklift tires, mining machines, heavy-duty vehicles and other large mining equipment tire life is short, the problem of low efficiency, tires, especially in mining, quarry heavy load operations shorter life issues . I use my company's tire protection chain, can significantly improve the efficiency of mining equipment tires, extend tire life, greatly reducing the high cost of replacement tires, the majority of users to bring direct economic benefits, the majority of users welcome.
     Engineering machinery and equipment tire protection chain is mounted on the wheel loaders, heavy trucks and other wheeled construction machinery, for improving tire life, reduce tire maintenance or replacement work, reduce construction costs, speed up the construction progress of the project, the current tire protection chain is widely used, quarries, mining field, tunnel construction, road building, dam construction role. Adapt to harsh construction environment.

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