Tyre protection chain

Our UBO company is specialized in tire protection chain.

Our UBO company is specialized in tire protection chain.

Automobile tires are consumables after a period of time, it must be replaced. Because it is will be contacted with the rough road, wear and tear is inevitable. And some unreasonable use will reduce the service life of tire. we can find the car hidden fault from wear condition of tire. Generally speaking, if the car is not a problem, the tire wear should be average, and if the tire are not average that may be your car has problem. let us take a look at some of the common tire abnormal wear phenomenon and its solution as follows:

1.The central portion of the main reason for premature wear of the tire is deflection too big. It can save fuel to improve the amount of the pneumatic tire, but inflating volume is too big, not only influence the damping performance of the tire, but also the deflection too big of the tire, and reduce the ground contact area, Wear of the tread center portion is formed early wear. If you use wide tires on narrow rims, will lead to early wear and tear.

2. The tire wear too much on both sides of the main reasons is the lack of inflating volume or with long-term overload. when a small lack of inflating volume, the surface of the tire and the ground is large. So that both sides of the tire contact with the ground work to form early wear.

3. The tire wear too much on one side of the main reasons is wheel Alignment inaccurate. Camber wheel is too large of the current is formed outside of the tire early wear, that lead to form early wear.

4. The tire wear serrated becomes wear of the main reasons is wheel alignment adjustment improperly so that normal a rolling of wheel slip changing form a serrated tire wear.

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