Tyre protection chain

Snow chains or tire chains

Snow chains, or tire chains, are devices fitted to the tires or OTR tire to provide maximum traction when driving through snow or ice,or mud.

Snow chains attach to the drive wheels of a vehicle or special systems deploy chains which swing under the tires automatically. Although named after steel chain, snow chains may be made of other materials and in a variety of patterns and strengths.We have 6x6 and 8x8 and 10x0 patterns.Chains must be purchased to match a particular tire size (section width and outside diameter). Driving with chains reduces fuel efficiency, and can reduce the allowable speed of the automobile to approximately 50 km/h (30 mph), but increase traction and braking. Some regions require chains to be used under some weather conditions but some areas prohibit the use of chains which can deteriorate road surfaces.

We manufacture and supply all parts and accessories for snow chains.

Our tyre protection chains can adapt to a variety of models, such as domesticmodels of ZL30, ZL40,

ZL50, ZL60 and ZL80 and overseas models of CAT966,CAT980, CAT988, CAT992, KLD85, KLD95,

Just tell us the model of tyre!

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